A delegation travel to Israel gave chance to reflect about the two so different cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – and juxtapose their urban narratives and appearances. There may be no other places so different yet so close together. A place of special intensity. As […]
Water becomes an ever more decisive factor in urban development – especially in the agglomerations of South East Asia. In Phnom Penh we witnessed remarkable ways of how the city – and its people – have learned to live with the all-present water. City in the […]
Behind the Ecuadorian city of Latacunga towers a majestic active stratovolcano of almost 6.000 m height – the Cotopaxi. Bearing a white snow cap all through the year, the handsome mountain resembles its smaller Japanese twin, Mount Fuji, which it surmounts by not less then 2 […]
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The new implementation of TOSCA will focus on strengthening local tech capacities in the region to address climate-related challenges.  After the first pilot TOSCA project in 2019, the Digital City Science (DCS) at Hafencity University (HCU) Hamburg is renewing its cooperation with the GIZ GmbH and […]
In the context of the EU program “International Urban Regional Cooperations” (IURC), researchers of HCU´s chair for Digital City Science have adapted the TOSCA toolkit for flood simulation in Kochi (India). At the end of march an international project cooperation of HCU Digital City Science with […]
Research cooperation between HCU Hamburg and Technion – The Isreal Insitute of Technology The Smart Social Strategies Lab at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and the chair of Digital City Science at HCU Hamburg have initiated a research cooperation on digital interactive technologies in the […]
On March 10th, our team from SURE facilitation & synthesis research joint a Knowledge Exchange to discuss IoT in Urban Development and Smart City Standards. For this purpose, our colleague Ágota Barabas joint the discussion about two main topics: IoT in Urban Development and Smart City […]